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1st August 2003

12:08pm: I have a crush. Yes, just ONE. Stewart. Ack. He's just so cute, and funny, and cute....Okay, I'm stopping now...

13th June 2003

10:28am: YIPEE-KI-AY-A!!!!
*is running around the common room excitedly, bouncing off chairs and couches*
I am seriously hyper right now!!!! I dont even know why........*stops for a second to think* Okay, I've learned something new: NEVER think when you're hyper.....Ow...*sits down and rubs head* Maybe I'll go find Ginny....*sprints off to find Ginny*
Current Mood: hyper

12th June 2003

4:56pm: Hey!
I've never had a journal before, but I thought that since it was my second year at Hogwarts, I should probably have one just in case anything important happens. Lets see, I'm looking around now, and the boys in my year are, well, icky. The only one relatively attractive is Stewart Ackerly, and he's just......Well, he thinks everything is stupid. Enough said. There are MUCH better boys in the older years! Take my best friend's brother, Ron, for example. Cutie!!! And that Draco Malfoy.....He could make ANYONE's heart melt, what a hottie. A girl in my house has a huge crush on Harry Potter. So does Ginny(the best friend I mentioned earlier). He's okay, I guess......Okay enough about the boys. I have to go to Potions in 5 minutes and I'm not looking forward to it. I can deal with Snape tho. He's okay. Just dont do anything that will focus his attention on you, and you'll be all right. Okay, I have to go now
Current Mood: awake
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